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The Grand-Ducks

€ 3,240

raised so far. Fundraising target € 2,000






Team complete

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Les 7 et 8 mars 2015, nous participerons à la première édition du plus grand défi sportif et solidaire jamais organisé sur neige, le Wintertrail Oxfam !

English below


Alors concrètement, le Wintertrail Oxfam c'est quoi ? Et bien c'est l'aventure de personnes ordinaires comme vous et nous, qui ont décidé de relever un défi sportif extraordinaire : marcher 60 km en raquettes à neige en moins de 30 heures, par équipe de 4, et sans relais !

L'objectif ? Le Wintertrail Oxfam n'est pas qu'un défi sportif, c'est également un défi humain. Notre équipe s'est en effet engagée à collecter au moins 2 000 € de dons pour financer les actions de l'ONG Oxfam France qui relève chaque jour un autre défi, celui d'agir pour un monde plus juste pour tous.

Vous l'aurez compris, nous avons besoin de vous pour arriver au bout de notre défi ! Soutenez notre équipe en faisant un don à Oxfam France, directement sur cette page. Votre don sera entièrement reversé à Oxfam France, via une transaction 100% sécurisée.

Et comme Oxfam France est une association de solidarité internationale (loi 1901), vous bénéficierez d'une réduction d'impôt équivalente à 66% ! Pour vous donner un exemple, un don de 100 € ne vous coûtera réellement que 34 €.

Sans votre soutien, notre défi est impossible.
D'avance, merci !

Alessandra, Gaetan, Nicolas , Laurent


What is the Oxfam WINTERTRAIL Oxfam? Well it’s the story of ordinary people like you and me who have decided to take on an extraordinary sporting challenge: to walk 60 km in snowshoes in less than 30 hours by a team of 4.

The goal? The WINTERTRAIL Oxfam is not only a sporting challenge, but it is also a human challenge. Our team is indeed committed to raise at least € 2,000 in grants to finance actions for Oxfam France.

As you can see, we need you to get to the end of our challenge! Support our team by making a donation to Oxfam France, right on this page. Your donation will be fully donated to Oxfam France, via a transaction 100% safe.

And as Oxfam France is an association of international solidarity (1901), you will receive a tax reduction equivalent to 66%! For example: a donation of 100 € will actually cost you € 34.

Without your support, our challenge is impossible.
Thank you!

Alessandra, Gaetan, Nicolas, Laurent

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  • 11/07/2014

    Alessandra Luciano

    Créateur de l'équipe
    (Team creator)

  • 12/03/2014

    laurent bouffandeau

    Membre de l'équipe

  • 01/09/2015

    Gaetan Vanistendael

    Membre de l'équipe

  • 02/09/2015

    Nicolas Fehrenbach

    Membre de l'équipe

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Angelo Luciano

€ 50



€ 60

Alessandra, je compte sur vous.Courage. Maria-Theresa PS: Avez-vous trouvé de la place sur le parking pour garer votre Alfa-Romeo ?


Lino Arcone

€ 100


€ 30

Bon courage


Daniela Del Fabbro

€ 60


Giancarlo & Marinella Leo

€ 50


daniela Arcone

€ 50

Allez Aly -Banani! Check ma eng postcard:) muhahahahaha! kussi vun der Schweinbacke!


Jessica Schlungs

€ 75


€ 60

Parce quun grain de folie est nécessaire. Un brin de soutien lest aussi ! Courage et Bravo Alessandra !


Gerard and Carol Verrecchia

€ 60

Great initiative and good luck.
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  • Alessandra Luciano


    Right to answer !

    I had'nt check Alessandra's article but I can assure you all, that Nicolas and Gaetan promised that they would hold Alessandra on their shoulders at any time, if it was needed. On my side, as you always need somebody to check out the trail as a scout, I'm volunteer for that.

    In any case, we are now 36 hours before the departure of this walk in snowshoes, the sun has confirmed he'll attend all the week-end. Sounds so great.

    A team of 4 people, not knowing each other, except by phone & mail during the preparation phase, and sharing the same ideas ( at least around Oxfam ), ready to spend 30 hours for this 60km trail.


    we'll enjoy and thanks again to all our generous donators.


    regards, groetjes,



  • Alessandra Luciano


    My legs hurt!

    After a fairly unsuccessful training weekend on the actual trail, I have come to realise not my mortality, but how much more I need to work to come closer to the objective of 60km in 30hrs!

    Whereas my co-équipiers are exetremely sporty and run marathons, I am the odd duck out. As such, I have taken up running, swimming and cycling thus the title of this post: my legs hurt. If you want I have embarrassing videos of me working out, which I am happy to share with anyone who will donate to our cause.

    Stay Healthy!

    And thank you to all those who have donated so far!



  • Alessandra Luciano


    Equipe complète !

    Chers amis, beste vrienden, dear friends,


    our team is now complete, it was a bit more difficult that we planned but just one month before our challenge, there we go !

    Alessandra from Luxembourg, Gaetan from Brussels, Nicolas from Paris and Laurent from Brittany.. not from around the world but close :-)

    we are all happy to attend this Oxfam Wintertrail and we all rely on your help and support, as this is all about fund raising for helping people around the world.


    Many thanks in advance


    kind regards

    The Grand Ducks

  • Alessandra Luciano



    Now that Christophe as given up due to "medical" reasons, we are looking for a 4th one to replace him.

    Alessandra has one guy in mind and myself, I've dropped a mail to another one who wishes to participate but yet, is alone. Let's see what it'll give soon.

  • Alessandra Luciano


    Titre de mon article

    Got already 3 friends who have donated to our team. thanks a lot !

    I'll put some more pressure on all my other friends :-)

    Got my target of ca 500 € to reach.

  • Alessandra Luciano


    3 months to go !

    and here we are. Left with 3 months. I feel passionated about this challenge.

    Just had my first contributor, thanks Nicolas !

    Wont be able to join earlt feb for the training we, but dont worry, I'll be there 7/8 march !

  • Alessandra Luciano


    Joining now !

    Just joined the team The Grand Ducks ! and happy to be there, part of the challenge.

    I welcome also my teamate Christophe, who did the Oxfam Trailwalker 2014 with me.

    He was reluctant for the Trailwalker 2015 but were keen to do the Wintertrail. Not sure he realised its 60km in the snow :-)


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