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Frogs Four U

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Frogs Four U

Frogs for OXFAM


Alors concrètement, le Wintertrail Oxfam c'est quoi ? Et bien c'est l'aventure de personnes ordinaires comme vous et nous, qui ont décidé de relever un défi sportif extraordinaire : marcher 60 km en raquettes à neige en moins de 30 heures, par équipe de 4, et sans relais !

L'objectif ? Combattre les injustices et la pauvreté dans le monde, rien que ça ! Car le Wintertrail Oxfam n'est pas qu'un défi sportif, c'est également un défi humain. Notre équipe s'est en effet engagée à collecter au moins 2 000 € de dons pour financer les actions de l'ONG Oxfam France qui relève chaque jour un autre défi, celui d'agir pour un monde plus juste pour tous.

Vous l'aurez compris, nous avons besoin de vous pour arriver au bout de notre défi ! Soutenez notre équipe en faisant un don à Oxfam France, directement sur cette page. Votre don sera entièrement reversé à Oxfam France, via une transaction 100% sécurisée.

Et comme Oxfam France est une association de solidarité internationale (loi 1901), vous bénéficierez d'une réduction d'impôt équivalente à 66% ! Pour vous donner un exemple, un don de 100 € ne vous coûtera réellement que 34 €.

Sans votre soutien, notre défi est impossible.
D'avance, merci !

Notre nom : FROGS FOUR U (en anglais pour faire bien !)

Frogs: apparement les français mangent des grenouilles…

Four: on est quatre!

U: U=vous, et sans vous ce défi ne serait pas possible.

L’équipe en bref :

Clémence : Machine de trail du sud-ouest !

Marie : Fondeuse de La Clusaz

Marc : Multi sportif annécien et lyonnais !

Jules : Annécien, in tartiflette il trust !


Frogs Four U


We usually run for ourselves, for the challenges, for the love of nature and the mountains, but today we  have decided to run for those who are in need. The Oxfam Winter Trail is a unique opportunity to run for a greater cause. We would like you to join us in helping Oxfam and supporting their charity actions.

Our team is also proud to run for the “Salomon Foundation” which supports mountain professionals and their families who suffered accidents.

You too can participate! Even a small donation is of great help!

The “race”:

March 4th-5th, 60km with snowshoes in the Valley of Abondance, in less than 30 hours.


Who are we?

We are a team of four, living in France (Frogs) who got together through our passion for challenges and nature. We are now united around a much greater cause, which is solidarity. Even though we don’t take ourselves very seriously, we take this trail and what it represents much to heart. We are very proud of running for both Oxfam and the Salomon Foundation and we would love to have you supporting us and the causes we want to promote.


Who are we really?

Player 1: Clemence Gevrey

When she is not trail running all around France, Clemence is working as an Artistic Director for an Architecture company. Give her a cause or a challenge and she won’t let go until the goal is reached…twice!

Strength: Experienced long distance trailer and indomitable fighting spirit.

Weakness: Clemence is like Chuck Norris, Clemence has no weakness (besides chocolate…author dies in agonizing pain for revealing that secret).

Player 2: Marie Kleiber

From the world famous ski resort "La Clusaz" Marie's life has always been bound to snow and ice. Cross country skier and Ice Skater she never gets cold and can tackle even the longest races wether skiing or running.

Strength: Super enthusiastic about the race, no matter what she won't stop smiling.

Weakness: still needs to break in her brand new Salomon running/hiking shoes!

Player 3: Marc Bechet

Sometimes he runs, sometimes he rides the mountains on his skis or snowboard and sometimes he rows on the water, but first of all Marc is an outdoor, nature and mountain (crazy) lover.

Strength : Never gives up, gives body and souls to every project (lost his soul to Schnapps anyways…)

Weakness: His body contains more Génépi than blood, which makes him strong...when not passed out.

Player 4 : Jules Melsen

More of a trekker and rock climber Jules is passionate about the mountains. He is currently working for digital media in the Sports industry.

Strong points : Unshakable optimism and perseverance.

Weakness: His love for cheese and Tartiflette, and we all know that this doesn’t help for running!

Player 5 : You

Wait…what…five !? Actually we are not a team of four, but a team of five…because without your support nothing would be possible. You are the fifth player of our team! Welcome!

Strength: Doesn’t have to run and can still help out!

Weakness: might think her/his help won’t be meaningful, even though it might be life changing for those in need.


Frogs: because France is where we live!

Four: because that’s how many we are!

U: because you are also part of this!

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  • 01/02/2017

    Jules Melsen

    Team creator

  • 01/02/2017

    Marc Bechet

    Winter Frog

  • 01/02/2017

    clemence gevrey

    Winter Frog

  • 02/08/2017

    Marie Kleiber

    Membre de l'équipe

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Guillaume Bistour

€ 10


colette kleiber

€ 60




€ 50



€ 10


François Fournier-Bidoz

€ 30

Bon courage :-)


Joseph Cavagnoud

€ 50


myrtille LARDIERE

€ 30


Nicolas GOSSET

€ 35


François Polack

€ 10


aurelie ghidossi

€ 10

bravo a votre equipe! dans un monde souvent si egoiste je trouve super de voir des jeunes se decarcasser pour les autres bon courage car ca en fait des kms :(
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